I am writing in response to last week’s comment by Linda Piper which, I assume, was only included so as to spark off a debate between readers of this newspaper.

Well let me be the first to say I completely disagree with Mrs Piper’s point of view on the matter of urban foxes.

I am one of those “well-meaning” people who leave food out each evening for the neighbourhood foxes.

My family and I have been feeding one particular fox for over a year — a shy, retiring animal with a permanently twisted neck, no doubt as a result of being struck by a car or targeted by callous yobs, who, even after a year of regular meals, still will not come anywhere near us and flees at the merest sound.

This fox has recently been bringing her cubs with her to dinner and they, as well as every other fox I have ever encountered, behave in a similar manner — running scared from, not just humans, but also any cats which may be prowling around.

And so I have to conclude any foxes carrying out these recent “attacks” are in a very small minority.

In any case, what gives us the right to carry out a cull of all urban foxes based on the actions of a few?

Attacks by vicious dogs are reported on a far more regular basis than fox attacks and yet nobody, and quite rightly so, has suggested a cull of all dogs.

And, dare I say it, no-one would ever dream of carrying out a humane cull of all human beings —despite the atrocities carried out by a similarly small minority of this species!

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