I am fed up with the bad press your paper gives foxes. The story of the “beast” who tried to take a puppy away (News Shopper, July 9) is utter nonsense in the same way as the Dartford baby who was supposedly scratched all over the face by a fox some months ago. This is nonsense.

It is a fact foxes are timid creatures and, as the RSPCA rightly says, it is most unusual for things like this to happen. In other words, it is a load of rubbish made up by people who do not like foxes.

I love to see foxes at the back of my garden and I am not ashamed to say I feed them every night. I am not eccentric or a “nutcase” either.

I believe we should share the planet with other creatures — humans do not have a monopoly on it. They have babies to feed as well and, if you had watched Wild in your Garden on TV, you would see they are beautiful creatures.

If everyone left them a bit of food out at night they would not be ripping rubbish bags open and leaving a mess everywhere. They have to eat just like we do.

Some humans are selfish, miserable creatures. They have no time for wild animals like the fox because they inconvenience their little lives by being a “nuisance” or making a mess. What about their dogs’ mess, the mess thrown in the streets by yobbish kids, the graffitied and vandalised bus stops and buses?

Give me foxes any day instead of the so-called “humans” who walk our streets.

For God’s sake, leave the fox alone, and let’s not read any more fairy stories about them stealing puppies or scratching babies.

Mrs Carole Runcorn

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