The person applying for a park-and-ride car park at Crockenhill (News Shopper, December 5) thinks a car park yards from Swanley station constitutes park-and-ride.

With park-and-ride, popular opinion is in favour of vehicles being left miles out of town, to leave roads into town uncongested. They attract people into town to spend money in shops.

Not this park-and-ride. Customers won't even spend time in town, let alone money.

This development encourages vehicles into Swanley, passing stations on the way.

This is like keeping sacks of manure in the living room to keep flies out of the kitchen.

Swanley, like other towns and like Asda, should make commuter parking difficult, then Swanley's parking problem would be solved. The councillor quoted, has the wrong idea turning Swanley into one large car park, to benefit people from outside.

Mr H Howell

Green Court Road