In the days when the conservatives had full control of Bromley Council, any increases in Council Tax always came under close scrutiny and maintained any increases at an acceptable level.

In fact, during that time, Bromley Council was renowned for being one of the lowest London Boroughs.

It can be seen from the bar chart (News Shopper, October 10) during the Lib/Lab control, over the period of three years the council tax has risen some 30%.

Now the Conservatives have recently taken back control of the council they have inherited the Lib/Lab committed pro-gramme of expenditure.

If the Lib/Lab pack still had control of Bromley I am sure the Council Tax would still have to go through the roof and may be at the predicted 21% or whatever.

The Conservatives are known to keep and uphold all their pledges.

It is my opinion they will do everything possible and within their powers in giving the residents of Bromley a fair deal.

Charles Joel

Ferndown Avenue