AS SECRETARY of the Bromley Friendship Centre, I would like to draw readers' attention to an important Bill which comes up for its second reading in the House of Commons on November 23.

The Age Equality Commission Bill aims to set up a National Commission which will examine all aspects of ageing in British society.

This will, then, make recommendations to the Government on appropriate legislation or other means to deal with unacceptable age discrimination wherever it appears.

We all know someone who has been denied a job because of their age or who has been refused a particular treatment by the NHS for the same reason.

Which other group has its income taken away after six weeks in hospital, as happens to those on state pension?

Insurance premiums go up and driving licences have to be renewed (and paid for) every three years.

I hope readers will write to their MPs calling on them to vote in favour of this important measure.

Additional information can be obtained from our National Office by contacting Don Steele, Director of Social Policy, ARP/050, Greencoat House, Francis Street, London, SW1P 1DZ or telephone 020 7828 0500. Email website


Bromley Friendship Centre