WE WOULD like to comment on the letter from Langtry's management (News Shopper, March 28).

The possibility the existence of other late-closing clubs is promoting lawlessness and nuisance in the area does not affect the renewal of the licence of one (Langtry's) that clearly is.

Langtry's has not been part of the community for “more than thirty years”, as older readers well know, and certainly not in its present form.

The phenomenon of clubbing youngsters is much more recent, as are Langtry's late opening hours.

Giving money to charities does nothing to prevent the nuisance and crime caused by Langtry's patrons.

The ability to complain to Langtry's via a hot-line does not prevent incidents happening in the first place; no such establishment is able to dictate the activities of those who have left its premises.

Calverley Close Action Group