REGARDING the letters on vermin, I find it strange if a creature is hungry and doing what it does, trying to find food to survive in the way it is created to behave, or do, it is vermin.

A pigeon is labelled as a flying rat because out of hunger it seeks to survive by eating anything it can find.

Yet it also cleans up the food thrown by lazy people onto the streets and helps keep disease away by doing so.

A fox is vermin because out of hunger it raids bins and makes a mess, yet is simply hungry and as a living creature, the same as we are, is doing what he knows to survive in his way.

Therefore, the list goes on.

I am glad some people have compassion and are intelligent enough to know all life is important, not just the human race.

If we compare ourselves to creatures, we would find although we call ourselves superior to creatures in our arrogance, penguins are not selfish as we are and care more for their young than we do.

We would also find some creatures are remarkable.

I say it's better to study and learn each creature's behaviour and to respect it than to hate it for what it does.

We should not judge animals in our terms of how we live our lives.


Crescent Road