FOXES VILIFIED: In regard to the letter Foxes Are Predators (News Shopper, July 1), of course foxes are predators but they are also omnivores and, as such, come lower in the natural pecking order than carnivores. Therefore, I am somewhat sceptical of the claim a fox carried away an elderly cat. Unless this event was witnessed first-hand, I would suggest the writer has jumped to a conclusion based on old prejudices. I have two cats which are regularly in the garden with foxes. Yet it is the foxes which are by far the more wary, giving the cats a very wide berth. Unfortunately, the fox has long been vilified in literature and myth. Were people prepared to learn the truth about their natural behaviour, they might be surprised to discover the fox is not such a villain after all.


Hayes Mead Road


HOSPITAL SUPPORT: Having just left Orpington Hospital after a knee replacement operation, I felt I had to put pen to paper to try to rally support for non-closure of this fantastic unit. How anyone could possibly consider closing or moving this remarkable part of the NHS is beyond me. The cleanliness of this hospital has made it MRSA free, therefore instilling confidence when hip and knee surgery becomes necessary. All the nursing staff are caring and professional, meaning consultants and surgeons are giving their patients the utmost safety and care.


Hillcrest Road


PIPE DOWN: I read with interest the story about how the Sainsbury's supermarket in Chislehurst is now playing classical music outside the store in the hope it will deter youths from hanging around the entrance area (Supermarket Is Keeping Its Composers, News Shopper, June 25). With this in mind, may I make a request to managers of all those stores which insist on playing awful piped cover music to switch to classical, and thereby keep people such as myself inside.



ANSWERING BACK: In regard to Alan Boyd's last comment in his letter regarding the traffic congestion to and from Biggin Hill (Traffic Free-For-All At Annual Air Fair, News Shopper, June 25). We would like to point out Douglas Bader did not have two wooden legs. As everyone knows - except obviously Mr Boyd - his legs were made of tin.


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