IN REPLY to Joanne Boxall's letter (Fed Up With Foxes, News Shopper, May 21), why doesn't she buy a bin with a lid with an in-built clip.

It is not that difficult to keep foxes out of your rubbish.

Why are people so intolerant towards our beautiful wildlife?

Foxes are not vermin like many believe.

They bring beauty into our lives with their vibrant red coats and exquisitely shaped faces and eerie cries during the night.

My favourite memory is of the moonlight shining down and through our old apple tree into our garden, casting a strange and gorgeous bluey-white glow over the form of a fox which was sniffing our lawn.

He raised his majestic head and placed his nose into the air, sniffing for interesting things to smell, frozen as though in an other world.

He was an evocative sight outlined by the moon and was a picture I shall treasure for life.


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