I AM writing in regard to Paul Browne's letter (Animal Testing Vital In Saving Human Lives, News Shopper, May 7).

Yes, medical purposes are important but science has come a long way.

It is inconclusive in most cases to test something on animals to then use it on humans.

But I don't think our DNA is actually quite the same as most of these animals.

I can understand the debate about medical research but do not feel it is reliable and it is morally wrong.

One thing which really gets on my nerves is people bigging up animal research when they really do not understand the truth behind it, especially cosmetic companies which parade their products on every type of media possible.

People fall for the promise of products which get rid of your wrinkles. It is a load of rubbish.

But of course, living in a world where everyone is so image obsessed, people fall for it.

I do not buy or use any product which contains animal derivatives or has been tested on animals because I think it is barbaric.

I urge people to research the things they buy before handing over money.

CARRIE-ANNE HEATH, Tubbenden Lane, Orpington