IT IS very encouraging to see supermarkets are changing to higher welfare animal products.

Marks & Spencer won the Compassionate Supermarket of the Year 2007 award presented by Compassion in World Farming, with Waitrose in second place, followed by the Co-op, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Morrisons and Somerfield. Asda did not participate in 2007.

Sainsbury's also won two awards - Best Volume Retailer and Most Improved Supermarket.

Consumers could do their part to encourage this trend towards higher welfare farming by choosing free range or organic products, though it is necessary to make sure products are genuinely welfare friendly.

Terms such as "farm fresh" are just a marketing ploy.

If you cannot find free range or organic products, do ask for them. Then supermarkets will know you care.

Animals should not and need not suffer.

Please stand up to those who put profit before animal welfare.

For more information, call Compassion in World Farming on 01483 521 953 or email MRS PE STEVENS
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