I saw the photo of that man shooting that poor fox. I thought it was totally inappropriate.

I am a member of the RSPB Wildlife Explorers which not only involves birds but also wild animals.

So I could easily write to them and tell them.

I am a fan of foxes and would protect them if they were in unnecessary danger. Anyway, how do we know the fox bit the baby?

No-one even knows that for sure. With all due regard to the baby, it was not savaged. That fox probably had cubs to look after and feed and keep alive but now they will probably die as well.

I don't think it is fair. The fox catcher has done more wrong than the fox. Years ago a fox took my pet rabbit but I don't hold it against it. I am strongly against fox hunting.

I am also very angry with the News Shopper for displaying the photograph like that.

Stephen Lee (Age 12)

Heath Lane