I have read with great interest the many, many articles about the many, many developments popping up in and around Bexleyheath.

Specifically, I read with interest the whinging and whining from people opposing new housing.

Obviously, there are real reasons developments should be rejected – but surely, not every single plan for a block of flats can be that bad?

I have not encountered a large-scale housing project near me, but one can assume one will be proposed sooner or later.

When that day comes I will try my best to support it, as there is an unquestionable housing crisis in our city. Young people stand no chance of getting on the ladder, and moaning won’t help.

It seems it’s always too high, too big, too many, not enough parking spaces – I’m afraid the list never ends. Someone always moans. You can’t make everybody happy.

If it’s not too high, it’s too wide. If it’s a tower in a town centre, it’s ugly. If it’s some houses on open spaces, it’s attacking the suburbs. How will we solve the problem if all we do is stamp our feet?

Get on with it. If it can be built, sensibly, build it. Affordable, social, whatever it is, if it gets families into a home, it should be built.

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