When I read your 'Dead end for 20 mph', December 19, I thought well done Bromley.

It is terrific to see commonsense prevail on this topic, I congratulate the councillors' stand. It seems to me that Mr Lees is just expressing his own view which is not the view of the majority of those who live in Bromley.

Education is the solution not legislation and Bromley has an excellent road safety team.

20mph is "pollution positive" using the words of a 20mph advocate. That means it increases pollution and houses are fixed so have to suffer that pollution including the people that live in them. Councils have never published any data citing specific cases where 20-30 mph accidents have occurred and the outcome to those involved.

The road research lab will always react to say lower speeds mean fewer deaths, 29 mph is preferable to 31 mph!

The average speed of traffic in the congestion zone is under 10mph and the pollution is higher so why do you need a 20mph limit? Money? Money for TfL. The department that had its budget reduced after an inquiry about its effectiveness.

TfL that unelected department working in the mayor's office with 20-year transport plans, irrespective of the incumbent, that dictates transport policy and has recognised this pollution so it conceived 'Healthy Streets and Living streets' to reduce the pollution in side streets. Although at one time it urged motorists to use side streets when main roads were congested as a way to reduce pollution at measurement locations.

This new label 'Healthy Streets and Living streets' is allowing councils to reduce the width of roads and thereby reducing road capacity, creating more pollution in the central areas with finance from the mayor. I for one did not see it in the election publicity. It is notable the majority of beneficiaries of this money are the Labour councils.

TfL will get the money from fares, traffic offences and some borrowing. TfL is about control and as an unelected body sits behind the Mayor. They are behind the move to raise tolls on existing 100-year-old tunnels to pay for the new river crossing. Remember how the Dartford toll started and how it has been massaged to its present state to keep the money coming in?

The 20mph is about restricting the number of vehicles using London's roads. That means your independence because one day you will be old and less agile, although your mental powers are just as sharp.

P Daintree, Orpington