Having driven around the area recently I look at the lovely Christmas lights in the streets as I pass through. 

I expect places like Bromley, Orpington and West Wickham to have Christmas lights due to their size, but places like Hayes, Keston and Coney Hall are looking great and festive.

One of the best for effort has to be Farnborough Village. The lights in the trees and on the lamp posts are beautiful. 

I live in Locksbottom and am saddened that, yet again, the area seems to have been ignored. We have three supermarkets, three pubs, eight eateries and many more shops - many more than Farnborough Village or Keston Village.

Some have used the original lights above the shops but not all the lights are working. Some have lovely window displays like the Forget-me-not and The Drawing Room. Others have nothing. It looks dull and sad. 

Please can an effort be made for 2019 so we too can be proud of our lights! It does not have to be over the top - just festive.

Jackie Simmons