I read with interest your letters concerning the pressures on A&E in Bromley and also Brexit.

Firstly, I should point out that in Bexley borough we have no A&E at all. There are also no direct bus routes to any of the A&Es in either Bromley (Princess Royal), Greenwich (Queen Elizabeth) or Kent (Darent) from Sidcup and the surrounding area.

So, perhaps we have need of one at least in Bexley as there are many large, new housing and sheltered housing developments taking place in the borough.

Secondly, regarding Brexit, I have always been appalled at the waste of our (the taxpayer's) money by Europe.

Until I knew someone from the Polish community working for the EU in London I had not realised that the foreign contingent do not have to pay council tax. (I guess we pay for that).

Also, I became aware that schooling for children of EU workers was privately paid for - also by the taxpayer, I guess.

Then, the ridiculous amount of money wasted (I think) on parties and celebrations for EU staff. Oh, and the stupid waste of money spent each month shipping all the MEPs office equipment from Brussels to Strasbourg and back again. Why? To please the French? Millions of pounds of our money wasted on what seems like a vanity project.

Fishing communities around our coast have been ruined with EU policies and some of our most deprived areas are where the fishing industry once thrived. This was gleaned by me travelling around the our beautiful country and seeing what had happened.

I do feel that Tony Blair was unwise to open the floodgates to immigration when other European countries held back. We are indeed a country which has accepted immigrants for thousands of years but mainly they have come in far lower numbers and have been assimilated more successfully.

Rosemary Brooks, Sidcup