In response to the letter 'Worried kids may come into contact with dog mess' regarding banning dogs from the boathouse side of Danson Park, I would argue strongly against this.

We have walked and run with our dogs in Danson Park for many years and not only have always cleared our dogs' mess but have challenged other dog owners when we've witnessed them not clearing up their mess.

I would point out that there is already a dog-free area in Danson Park, namely the children's play area situated behind the Danson Stables restaurant.

To introduce further restrictions would vastly curtail the enjoyment of a sizeable population of dog owners who live around Danson Park.

I do a weekly Park Run with my terrier and he absolutely loves running round the whole of the park. We saw the agility dogs working out last Sunday at the back of the restaurant and there are lots of community-minded dog owners who love the tranquility of the park nestled as it is alongside the A2. 

 The park needs to welcome all the responsible diverse users and not exclude dog owners. Punish and challenge irresponsible users of the park whether they are not picking up their dog mess or littering.

Every time I walk with our dog I collect the discarded plastic bottles and cans. I try my best to keep our park clear of rubbish and I know lots of other dog walkers who do the same.

Maybe the writer of the letter published on October 17 could help. I would be happy to walk round the park with the writer and my dog and clear some litter. After a hot summer weekend the park on a Monday morning can literally be overflowing with litter.

Richard Symonds, Bexleyheath