I was interested to see the headline article about pressures on A&E are 'spiralling out of control' accompanied by a letter about a long wait at A&E.

I would like to point out that Bromley is a borough that has always voted Conservative.

In the last election the Conservative party made no secret that austerity was to continue and that there would be no extra money for the NHS.

With people living longer there are inevitable more pressures on the NHS. If we want a working NHS to meet our needs then we need to be prepared to pay for it.

I am continually amazed that we have free access to GP's and have an A&E to go to, given the relative funding cuts that the NHS have suffered over the last decade or more. 

If as a borough we voted Conservative do not complain this is what you voted for.

Be eternally grateful that there are people who are prepared to be paid little money, have had little or no pay increase for 10 years, have unreachable targets to meet and yet believe in the premise that care to us as the public should be free at point of need.

I as it happens do not work for the NHS, but feel that we should be supporting those that do.

Fiona Evans, West Wickham