I am absolutely baffled at the new plans (which have been given the green light) to regenerate Dartford town centre.

I live and work in Dartford, my husband works in Thurrock. We cannot believe that Dartford Council have been allowed to WASTE our money.

Why not put the money to good use and help to build a second crossing to help ease the extensive and regular traffic jams which occur on a daily / weekly basis.

With our house and back garden on the Dartford Tunnel approach road we know exactly what this traffic nightmare is. If the tunnel traffic is bad it backs back onto ALL of the roads in and around Dartford. 

This regeneration is going to make even less roads in Dartford. As well as taking away at least two car parks in the town centre.

Why is this money being spent regeneration? Why doesn't it go towards building new schools for the over-stretched schools in the area.

I work in Iceland in Dartford and with the removal of the car park outside Iceland how are people meant to get there shopping home especially disabled people and customers with cars.

The regeneration is to bring bowling alley, cinema, new hotel yet more flats and houses with no parking and everything over-stretched. Why regenerate Dartford as most people go to Bluewater if they want evenings out. You would not want to go into Dartford at night so scrap regeneration and actually use this money to improve the whole of Dartford rather than just the town centre.

Mrs V Fisher, Dartford