As a cycle instructor with over 65 years experience of riding on public roads I will attempt to answer the question posed by Sylvie, letters Oct 3.

The simple answer is it is unsafe.

Explanation. The cycle lane is on the pavement which means sharing the space with pedestrians. This involves negotiating mothers and babies, wheelchair users, baby buggies, blind, deaf, and otherwise disabled persons and the inevitable erratic child.

The behaviour of some of these people is unpredictable. The cycle route meanders along the pavement and around roadside furniture including bus stops. It is also fractured by a series of road junctions and is in close proximity to exit points from houses and shops.

The risk factors are, therefore, very high. To use this cycle lane with safety in mind would mean travelling below 10mph.

When using Bromley Common an experienced cyclist, on a decent cycle, will be travelling along the public highway at a speed of 25mph or more.

This is why they are in the road. It is a safer place to be.

James Johnson, Orpington