My daughter finds taking her young children to Danson Park a daunting experience as she is worried about the diseases they may contract from dog faeces.

Basically Danson Park is unsafe for children to play and roll in the grass or families to sit and have a picnic.

Although many dog owners are very diligent and try to clean up, many are unsuccessful or just don't care.

There are laws about dogs fouling in public for good reason, they spread diseases and in particular toxocariasis. This is particularly dangerous to children and can cause blindness.

Perhaps the solution is to create a dog walking area. I suggest that the large area the other side of the lake be set aside for dog walking and the side of the boat house reserved for families, children playing and footballers.

This has already happened in Manor House Gardens in Lee where the main park is fenced off for families, no dogs, and a dog walking area has been created.

Perhaps Bexley can the lead and do something similar.

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