A second referendum deciding to remain in/rejoin the EU would be akin to the Titanic lifeboat passengers clamouring to re-join the ship.

Despite the lies we were told by Heath and Wilson that membership of the EEC would involve no loss of sovereignty the project was always one with the sole intention of forming a United States of Europe governed primarily by France and Germany.

The referendum we had was to decide if we wanted to be governed by politicians in Westminster elected by, and removable by, us, or by a self-selecting body in Brussels over the appointment of which we had no control. We chose a return to UK sovereignty.

The economic scaremongering was an irrelevance. Yes, we do a great deal of trade with the EU, but at a loss. If, after Brexit there were to be no trade at all they would be the greater losers. But that isn`t going to happen.

All the predications that outside the EU life will be a disaster while inside will be the golden uplands is no more than guesswork. A quick look at the economic state of Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal to mention but a few gives the lie to that idea.

The situation is perhaps best summed up by Werner Heisenberg, a German physicist who won a Nobel prize for his work in the field of probability theory He said “Prediction is very difficult. Especially about the future”. There can be few fields in which that is more true than that of economics.

EJ Malone, Bromley