I am opposed to the masterplan for Bromley town centre and I wish to express my objections in the strongest possible terms.

I could not understand the reason for this monstrous development and then I came across the so-called 'vision statement' in the masterplan document. It reads: "The comprehensive redevelopment of the masterplan site will create a new mixed use neighbourhood right in the heart of the town centre; establishing Bromley as a place to live, work and play. The site enjoys far reaching views towards central London, excellent transport connections and close proximity to the historic heart of Bromley."

Having read this, I still do not understand the reason for the development.

Who has asked for a new neighbourhood in the town centre? Why not organise a poll of Bromley residents instead of limp consultation that doesn't reach the people who might object? Is not Bromley already an area of dense population? I think it is.

According to the 'vision statement' the site "enjoys" transport connections. Actually no one using the Bromley stations to get to work enjoys them. Today I took an overcrowded train to Victoria and had to wait on the concourse there as the Tube entrance was closed due to overcrowding on the Tube platforms.

There is no more capacity on the train lines to London so why do London planners such as yourself continue to cite transport links as "excellent". As a matter of fact, capacity for journeys starting at Bromley South and North has reduced and will continue to do so.

Eventually the concourse at Victoria will reach capacity and people will have to wait on the trains.

The plan mentions the provision of a department store. I find this laughable as I recall a time when the town centtre had three department stores. Two were forced to close soon after the Glades was built and the third, Alders, did not last much longer. Why do the planners think a new one is now viable?

And as progress toward promoting "healthy lifestyles" the new high-rise developments block out more of the sky, bearing down on town centre users and forcing the new residents to live high above the ground doubtless to enjoy those views of central London mentioned in the vision. It is not my idea of a healthy lifestyle.

I cannot express adequately how empty are the words and statements in the section on the vision.

John Edwards, Bromley