I feel I need to comment on the lack of commitment by Bexleyheath residents to carry on fighting against the building of a tower block 13 storeys high, which was waved through at a planning meeting by Bexley Council in June even though many objections were received from residents including myself.

Not long ago I wrote to the News Shopper asking residents who wished to carry on the campaign to stop this development going ahead to contact me by email or call me to join me in protecting our borough from greedy developers making money out of ruining an outer London suburb and its skyline with this eyesore.

I did get a few responses from a few residents who were willing to support me and carry on this campaign, but all I can say is I am very disappointed that after updating the few residents who did get in touch, after I was making all the telephone calls both to the council and the Mayor's Office and corresponding with both, to keep track of what is happening with this application, the few residents who agreed to support my campaign have not been in contact any further.

Come on Bexleyheath residents, do you want developers to turn this area into another Lewisham, Greenwich and Kidbrooke, full of tower blocks which will do nothing for people on the council's social housing list, which is not the sort of housing that needs to reduce waiting lists and families who are living in cramped conditions and B&Bs and what is being built is properties to line the pockets of developers and increase the council's coffers contribution not to mention the extra air pollution from more traffic, no infrastructure to support this development and train and bus services being cut does not help .

One person on their own cannot win, but as a group we might stand a chance of stopping this happening.

A concerned resident