Yet again another cat is murdered by the notorious Croydon cat killer who seems able to travel the country incognito and without suspicion.

First, my condolences to the family of the victim in Beckenham. At least this time the road was identified. But why was there no appeal from the police for witnesses or information? It would have been prudent to have included a contact number or even Crimestoppers.

And surely remind people that there is a huge reward (£10,000 I believe) for information leading to the capture of this killer. Somebody must know who he is.

The police have a unit set up to deal with this but I would like to know what they are actually doing. After four years and hundreds of cats killed, I think we need some answers. It is time this was treated as an actual knife crime and not just "an incident".

This evil individual is breaking the law (carrying offensive weapons as well as animal welfare laws) on a regular basis and allowed to get away with it. Where is the detective work, the behind the scenes digging, the profile, appeals for witnesses, street patrols, even door to door enquiries?

As an animal lover I am getting very exasperated. This is not an attack on the charity Snarl who are doing their best, but we need action NOW from the police.

Or are they waiting until he kills a child or an elderly person? For it is known that serial killers often start with animals.

Jean Seager, Orpington