Over the years we've copied many fast food habits from the USA and the sight of people snacking in the street and on public transport is common.

Also, many cafes and restaurants now adopt the alfresco eating habit which I've seen in various places on the continent.

What I've also seen when we've holidayed in Europe are council workers washing down the streets, either late at night or early morning.

Strange, how we can't adopt the better aspects of other countries' behaviour, at the same time as we copy their less attractive features which result in mess and litter.

Nowadays the pavements seem to be covered in dubious-looking stains and spillages mainly as a result of the fast food culture.

It seems a shame that the newly paved areas are so quickly spoiled just for want of what was a common sight a few years ago; street cleaners with brooms and water: or whatever passes for the modern technological version.

Roy Gaylor, Orpington