I’ve shared my view of litterbugs before – complete scumbags who treat decent folk, who care about their environment, with total disdain.

If it was down to me I’d place them in stocks and have them pelted with the type of filth they leave strewn around our neighbourhoods.

Sadly, it’s not my decision and these morons are allowed to continue unchecked. But, perhaps, just perhaps, the tide is turning.

Bexley Council is a relatively small organisation and can only dream about the about the type of spending power enjoyed by larger authorities, but it’s never been afraid to lead by example.

The council introduced its own “litter police” last October and has already collected £56,000 in fines. If an offender doesn’t pay an £80 fixed penalty charge there is no messing about, they are taken through court and typically end up with fines and costs of £350 plus.

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While it’s important these anti-social litterers are hit hard in the pocket, for me, this is not the crucial factor.

What Bexley is doing that is so different, and so brilliant, is that it’s naming and shaming the culprits.

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Emblazoned across its website you will find the names and addresses of almost 150 litterbugs, along with their postcodes and the amount they were fined and forced to pay in costs.

These details have then been shared with as many news websites as possible – this publicity ensures two important goals are met. Firstly it clearly demonstrates Bexley will not allow itself to be besieged and blighted by such behaviour, and secondly, shaming people in front of their neighbours and friends acts as a great deterrent.

And the reason I know the policy is right is I’ve already faced a dozen shamed littering criminals whinging that their misdemeanours have been made public.

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I now want everyone in south London to insist their local authority follows Bexley’s brilliant example and tackles this issue head on. Demand your council follows in the footsteps of London’s leading authority.

Zero tolerance – fine first, then name and shame.

The final word must go to Councillor Peter Craske, Bexley’s cabinet member for community safety, environment and leisure: “Our stance is firm on this, the council will not tolerate this anti-social and criminal behaviour.

“Our message is clear – don’t litter our borough or you must face the consequences.”