THE freedom of dolphins, whales and porpoises when they are imprisoned for their shortened life spans in dolphinariums in the UK, depends on the "guidelines" for these dreadful places.

Already, Spain-based company Pargues Reunidos, which runs dolphinariums in Spain, France and Argentina, has bought Blackpool Zoo.

In 2006, someone interested in opening a marine park in England housing dolphins and whales contacted the Department of the Environment.

Fourteen years ago, the public grew so sick of these highly intelligent beings being confined in pools, dolphinariums in the UK all closed.

Now these great sea creatures, who have at times helped mankind, once more need our protection.

There is an Early Day Motion 1342 by MP Mike Hancock to call on the Government to prohibit the keeping of these creatures in the UK.

Everyone needs to push for their MPs to sign the motion.


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