From our letters is this one from a Dartford reader who says the Dartford Crossing is getting worse and gives the town a bad name - do you agree with her?

The Dartford Crossing is worse now than it has ever been.

We were promised that taking out the toll booths would improve the traffic flow but in fact the opposite is true.

Not only does the whole area stack up but the way the lanes now operate also seems to make it more dangerous and there are more accidents, which in turn mean more congestion – it’s a vicious circle, just like the M25 itself.

I myself have witnessed police cars and ambulances caught up in queues with literally nowhere to turn. Motorists want to be helpful and let them pass but they are powerless to do anything either.

It’s time for the proper authorities to take a whole new look at the problem and come up with a proper workable solution.

It would obviously take years to build another bridge and costs millions of pounds but if that is what is needed then I say bring it on.

Every year the problem just gets worse and worse and at the moment there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Come on you government bigwigs, earn your money for once, get your heads together and come up with some sort of workable solution.

There is all this talk about which airport should get another runway – believe me it won’t matter a hoot in the end because anybody wanting to drive to Heathrow or Gatwick won’t be able to get there because the whole M25 will have ground to a complete standstill.

This government needs to get its priorities right, it bangs on the whole time about business and the economy, well what about the money businesses are wasting while lorries are sitting stationary for hours on end on our roads?

The other problem is that Dartford, which is only really known for one thing, also suffers because the town gets a bad name as a result. If you end up in traffic every time you visit the Dartford Crossing then you’re hardly going to give the town of Dartford a chance.

In a way it blights the whole town and gets all Dartfordians a bad name.

Well, I am not afraid to admit I love my town and wouldn’t live anywhere else. Which is probably a good job because if I needed to drive there I wouldn’t be able to.

Please, please, please stop ignoring the problem.

It isn’t going to go away and nor are we, but we do need you to do something if the whole area is going to improve.

Paula Finsbury, proud to live in Dartford

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