GIVE UP MEAT: National Vegetarian Week 2007 will take place between May 21 to May 27. This year its focus will be on the ways vegetarianism can help people reduce their environmental impact. Vegetarianism is not only a healthy and ethically sound diet, but also a major step to help limit greenhouse gases. It also helps to conserve water and land. With climate change making the news headlines and many people unsure of what they can do to help, giving up meat is a positive choice for them, the animals and the world we all share. Why it's Green to Go Vegetarian is published this month. It explains why a vegetarian diet free of meat and fish drastically reduces the detrimental impact we make on the environment. For further information or to obtain a copy from The Vegetarian Society, call 01619 252000. Alternatively, visit the society's website at
C Pope
Nurstead Road

PAVEMENT MANNERS: I agree wholeheartedly with Mrs D Pinney (Scooter Users Must Be Aware Of Other People, News Shopper, April 25) on the subject of mobility scooters. A friend of mine was also injured when a scooter knocked her leg. The injury resulted in many hospital appointments and, several years later, she still has to wear a support stocking. Why do these scooter users have to go so fast and much quicker than walking pace? I am in no doubt how useful they are, but owners should be made to have a licence. They should also have lessons in pavement manners. I do hope Mrs Pinney's friend is making a good recovery and send my very best wishes to her.

G Greening
Orchard Close

DECISION STINKS: The decision by Bexley Council to give the ground maintenance contract to Kier Street Services stinks. Kier submitted the original tender on behalf of Bexley Trading Services (BTS). If it couldn't make it pay for BTS, how will it make it pay for itself? Will Kier get rid of all the managers, supervisors and chargehands? Another question to ask is whether Bexley will give Kier the equipment it has bought. Will it also let the company stay rent free? Bexley's Tories should hang their heads in shame. It did not take them long to knock loyal workers down. Morale among workers at BTS is now the lowest it has ever been.