IN RESPONSE to the letter Police Failing To Protect Wildlife (News Shopper, March 14), I support the views expressed by Robert Roach.

It is indeed a disgrace the hunting of wild animals with dogs still persists despite the hunting ban introduced some two years ago.

I have great respect for the police, who do a difficult and unenviable job, and clearly have to prioritise their workload.

However, I do feel where extensive cruelty is involved, priority should be given. There is ample evidence to prove high levels of cruelty by these so-called "sportsmen" who it seems derive great pleasure from terrorising and killing innocent and defenceless animals.

One of the problems associated with the Hunting Act was the lack of commitment shown by Tony Blair and his cabinet,who did their best to secure a "watered-down" version.

It was largely through the determined efforts of the backbench MPs, mainly Labour, the overdue ban was achieved.

The Government's lack of enthusiasm may have rubbed off on the police, but the law is the law and must be enforced. Without it, we would have anarchy.

Further information is available by writing to The League Against Cruel Sports Ltd., 83-87 Union Street, London SE1 1SG, by calling 020 7403 6155 or visiting the website

C POPE, Nurstead Road, Erith