PROBLEMS associated with global warming are now regular topics among a wide spectrum of the media, public and political life.

The blame for the deteriorating environment must rest squarely on the activities of the human race.

There can be no doubt unless we drastically limit our carbon emissions, the world is heading for an unprecedented environmental disaster.

This will result in widespread flooding, crop failure, starvation and, ultimately, the extinction of human and other life forms.

Of course we have all been made aware of the need to reduce aviation emissions, become more eco-friendly and use our cars less.

What most of us have not been told is the devastating impact caused to the environment by commercial animal agriculture.

A recent report by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation holds livestock/meat production responsible for: l 18 per cent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, compared with 13.5 per cent emitted by transport.

l 64 per cent of acid rain-producing ammonia.

l 70 per cent of Amazon deforestation.

l 15 out of 24 of the world's declining ecosystems.

In addition, the report indicates one third of global crops are used for animal feed.

This when one third of the Earth's human population does have enough to eat.

It is a well established fact an area of land large enough to produce meat sufficient to feed two people could feed at least 20 on a plant-based/vegetarian diet.

The report shows the extensive global rearing of cattle causes a greater detrimental effect on the world's environment than the millions of cars being driven.

C Pope, Nurstead Road, Erith