Letter to the editor: Has anyone else noticed, or rather heard, an increase in what I call “sweary women” lately?

What I mean by that is women and young girls who it seems cannot have a normal, decent conversation on a mobile phone or to a friend in public without every other word being either the f or c-word.

I am definitely no prude and have been known to have the odd sweary outburst in the privacy of my own home or out in the garden, but never out in public as I have more respect for others and definitely a much better upbringing than that.

But all I seem to hear in the street, even in supermarkets and shops, are these loud women who apparently just cannot talk without swearing every other word.

What really concerns me is that a lot of them are mums accompanied by children or with a toddler in a buggy. So is this how they talk at home all the time in front of their children?

I am fairly near to a primary school and even passing the mums taking their children to school, every other word is f this or f that with the odd c-word thrown in for good measure.

I am shocked that this is going on, yet nobody seems to bat an eyelid. Is it any wonder that lots of primary age kids already jabber away to their mates in the streets swearing?

It is because they have well and truly been given that education from mum and dad on a daily basis, so they see it as the norm.

In fact, I bet many of today’s kids can probably swear a lot better than they can read.

Fact dictates that all they are destined to become are the feral yobs we all see and hear and read about in the media.