Letter to the editor: In my opinion, the article about Councillor Gareth Bacon’s allowances as a member of four diverse council committees, for which he is paid £108,000 of taxpayers’ money a year (Councillor criticised for pocketing £108k, March 4) demonstrates the worst elements of the noses in the political trough syndrome.

Even Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind did not try to have four jobs at the same time.

The majority of local councillors in London are hard working people who are dedicated to serving their constituents.

Some of them would do it for expenses only, such is the honour of being able to put something back into the society they are serving.

Either way, it takes the average council member most of their spare time to carry out one role only as a councillor – and certainly not four.

Personally, I find Coun Bacon’s comment that he is able to “devote enough time” to each of his committees to be somewhat incredible.

In addition to being the highest paid councillor in London, Coun Bacon’s fragrant wife is also a Bexley councillor, adding another £10,000 to the household income.

I believe that this gives a whole new meaning to bringing home the bacon – and all at Bexley council taxpayers’ expense.