Letter to the editor: The Check the Facts document from Biggin Hill airport delivered to homes and denigrating opposition views leaves me horrified. There appears to be a complete ignorance or rejection of what is important for residents across Bromley borough.

How can the airport avoid mentioning a flight path that crosses 200,000 residents, across Locksbottom, Crofton, Knoll, Petts Wood, Chislehurst, Sidcup and beyond?

How can it not acknowledge that increasing operating time by 14.5 hours a week and attracting new jet aircraft operators will definitely increase noise to all these people?

How can it say “no scheduled airliner and holiday charter services” when it knows full well that a 737 landing, to be serviced, makes the same amount of noise?

How can the airport not acknowledge that reducing light aircraft movements around the airport, in favour of increasing jet aircraft movements down a long flight path has a disproportionate noise impact for a much bigger geographic area of south-east London?

Why has the airport not recognised the existence of one of the biggest general hospitals in southern England directly under the flight path and 1.5 miles from the runway? If you were a patient how would you like an Airbus flying a few hundred feet above your head?

Let us turn to jobs. The airport says 2,300 new jobs could be created. Even if that became a reality, why does the airport not acknowledge that Biggin Hill has one of the lowest existing unemployment levels in the south-east? Right Move informs me that there are currently 70 houses and flats for sale in Biggin Hill, so where would the 2,300 live?

An extra 4,000 daily journeys on Biggin Hill’s one A road, and country lanes? Adding to the current jams in the rush hour? Great. Someone else’s problem.

It is time to protect your castle. Biggin Hill airport has not moved. It is still in the wrong place with a flight path affecting far too many people. Do we really have to set up a new “Flightpath” to represent residents’ interests?

HUGH BUNCE, Petts Wood