Letter to the editor: I wish people like some of your correspondents would adopt a more positive attitude to Biggin Hill Airport’s proposals.

The additional hours are minimal and are likely to cause the minimum of disturbance, if any. What does your letter writer Mr Messenger expect living near an airport (No more flying time, February 11)? Complete closure, plus a huge residential and commercial industrial estate with all the upheaval and inconvenience that will cause? The proposal, in my view, will improve the chances of more airport-orientated businesses establishing themselves at Biggin Hill, which will bring more prosperity to the borough of Bromley, likely to benefit us all.

I am close to the flight path and experience some jets flying over with minimum noise and disturbance. Indeed when the Red Arrows spent a night or two at Biggin Hill they either all fly over the bungalow or very close to it at a height that enables you to see the pilots. I wish I could join them.

Like St George’s Chapel, the airport must be allowed to continue and become a real asset, indeed an increasing asset to Bromley and environs. Is it not about time those against most things that are likely to improve the prosperity of the area and the country as a whole get behind such projects and not wish to keep the status quo? After all this is the 21st century is it not? Or would you rather languish in the 19th or early 20th centuries?

Look what has happened to Manston when night flights (restricted) were refused. Do we want that? I think not.