REGARDING We Have To Be Sensible Over Animal Welfare (News Shopper, October 25). Mr Walters states how foxes have killed six out of the 12 peacocks which walk around Stone Palace in Scotland.

Once again he is calling for control of foxes.

What about the so-called humans who shoot birds for fun?

Is this good for the bird population or should some of these morons be controlled or perhaps put down?

What about cats, which kill hundreds of birds daily? Should they be controlled or put down?

Grow up, Mr Walters, and do something good for once.

Perhaps you should join an organisation which helps animals and birds and all of our wildlife, not condemn them.

Mr Walters' main concern seems to be about 5,000 bats taking over someone's house.

This could have been prevented at an early stage without harming any bats.

You must understand Mr Walters, us humans have either destroyed or taken over most bird and animals habitats all over the world, leaving them nowhere to go.

The majority of us believe in live and let live and enjoy all of our wonderful wildlife. It would be a sad and empty world without it.

B Leman, Hall Place Crescent, Bexley