Children from Balgowan Primary School took part in the Mayor of London's scheme to make London a greener space.

The scheme saw thousands of Londoners planting trees to improve the air quality in London and create more homes for wildlife.

Children, parents, volunteers and staff across the school planted trees in the school field to improve air quality, develop the learning environment, and create future homes for insects and birds.

Children from Year 6 planted trees as a living legacy, leaving something behind at their school for the last seven years.

Pupil Ava Sealey said: "I really enjoyed the tree planting and I am looking forward to coming back to see the tree that I planted."

Mrs Cleveland the Forest School leader said: "The Year 6 pupils have discussed what they like about living in Bromley which included sports facilities and parks, all the children taking part where keen to add to a greener Bromley and rose to the occasion not just thinking about improving the environment but actually doing their bit."

Balgowan staff encourage outdoor learning whenever possible and not just in the summer months, from cross county to Forest School all the children have an opportunity to get outside.

Over 50 trees in all where planted which children and staff will nurture over the coming years.

Miss Robinson the Eco Club leader said: "The tree planting is a great opportunity for the Eco Club members to monitor the trees development as well as highlighting the need to plant more trees.

"The Balgowan Eco Club work together to make the school a greener space with campaigns and competitions on recycling and green issues to improve the school's environment."