The Best Business Women Awards have announced their finalists for 2018.

The awards are designed to recognise the achievement of women across a wide range of business categories and are open to any female business owner in the UK.

Bromley businesswoman Alison Warner, from Evolve and Grow Coaching, has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Best Coach category.

Evolve and Grow Coaching specialises in helping firms in the construction and trade industries to address their particular challenges. These include how to effectively get off the tools and cope with excessive demand without compromising customer service.

Alison said: “I’m thrilled to be shortlisted for this award. We love working with construction and trade businesses. Once they commit to coaching they commit wholeheartedly and it has been great to see some fabulous results for many of them over the years.

"Not just in terms of an increase in sales but also improved efficiency leading to a better work life balance.”

The gala final of the Best Business Women Awards will be held on October 11 at Tewin Bury Farm, Welwyn, Hertfordshire. The winners will be announced at the final.

Sent in by Emma Pyott