Nearly 30 volunteers descended on Mcch's Ken Boyce Centre in Footscray, armed with paint brushes and smiles.

The centre, which supports people with learning disabilities to access activities like bowling, arts, swimming and cooking, was getting tired and needed a make-over.

Thanks to the excellent organisation skills of Jane Small (relationship support manager, south east at Barclays Corporate Banking), the Ken Boyce Centre had a make-over that has wowed staff and people with learning disabilities who go to the centre.

"We were honoured to be able to volunteer for the day with Mcch, giving back to the local community to make a difference," says Jane. "We had a great day painting, gardening, making benches and seeing the fantastic work the charity does.

"It was a very humbling day, enjoyed by all 28 staff who attended from across Kent/London and the south east corporate team."

The charity would like to thank Barclays, Sophie Willoughby for the mural she painted (and donated) for the personal care room and one of the parents for also volunteering on the day.

Sent in by Karen Mitchell