Have you ever tried orienteering?

It is a fun sport suitable for all the family. The aim of orienteering is to navigate in sequence between control points (posts with letters on) marked on a unique orienteering map.

Jubilee Country Park in Petts Wood is home to Bromley's only orienteering course, set up by the Friends of Jubilee Country Park in 2009.

The course has proved immensely popular with many groups, including schools, Scouts, Guides and Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme participants.

Recently, the course has been totally upgraded with brand new posts with nature-themed 'rubbing plaques' (a similar idea to brass rubbing).

As you follow the route, a rubbing can be taken of each design using a crayon on a certificate that you can download from our website.

If you complete the course, you will be able to collect rubbings of all 10 designs, featuring creatures that live in Jubilee Country Park.

For further information, go to www.jubileecountrypark.btck.co.uk, select Facilities and then Orienteering.