Bexley Kart Club are appealing to all local businesses, youth groups, schools and colleges.

The club urgently needs to find temporary storage space for their equipment.

BKC have been in the borough for over 35 years and due to its current partner needing the space it occupies for building, the club needs to find a storage location at short notice.

The club is for drivers aged eight to 18 and race under NatSKA being, one of the largest clubs in the organisation and are regular trophy winners at race meetings plus currently have a national champion and runner-up in its ranks.

Drivers won trophies at most of the rounds they competed in last season. This has continued the recent successes with other championship winners and class runners-up over the last three years.

It urgently needs space for storage of club equipment, even if only temporary, in order to be able to introduce new drivers to the sport and continue its success next season and beyond.

If you can help or know anyone who can help, contact via the club's Facebook page or email to

Sent in by Kevin Laws