On Monday 26th June, 130 Year 5 students from 10 Bromley Primary Schools attended the STEM Challenge Day at Ravens Wood School.

Students were involved in cross curricular activities which were planned, resourced and delivered by the Science, Design Technology, Mathematics and Computer Science departments.

Students learnt programming skills, engineering principles, construction techniques and how to conduct a scientific experiment. The day culminated in a bridge building challenge where students had to apply their learning from all activities to compete against each other in the design and manufacture of a model bridge. Prizes were awarded for strength, design, teamwork, budgeting and innovation.

The event was made an even greater success with the help and leadership of the Year 7 Ravens Wood STEM ambassadors, who were invaluable throughout.

The Primary School students had a fantastic time, quotes from the students on the day included: "The best day at school since reception", "You must come to Ravens Wood" and "The best day ever!"

Ravens Wood School has received many emails from parents thanking them for the day and expressing how enjoyable the experience was for their son. Plans are already underway for the 2018 STEM Challenge Day at Ravens Wood.

Submitted by Gary Hunt