The campaign to save Sydenham Crown post office from closure took another turn with a public meeting voting to take further steps and gaining a new supporter in the form of Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Lewisham West & Penge, Ellie Reeves.

Ellie Reeves, Mole Meade from the Communications Workers Union and Lewisham councillor Alan Hall were part of a panel with local Sydenham Ward councillor Liam Curran chairing.

Both Cllrs Hall and Curran have persuaded the council to oppose the closure of the post office as well as the one in New Cross.

Cllr Hall said: "The residents of Sydenham came to a public meeting despite the rain and agreed to fight for the Crown post office. It is an essential public service under threat. We need to retain a Crown post office in Sydenham.”

Mole Meade, CWU said: “The post office is a vital part of the community. When a Crown post office goes, so do some of the services the community rely on.

"It is unforgivable for the Post Office to proceed with this unregulated sham of a consultation process at a time when a Crown post office is need most – to be at the heart of the high street providing professional services.”

Cllr Curran said: “Our community in Sydenham needs this public service. The Post Office needs to change its policy of closures. Other national post offices in Europe are successful and make money. We need a change of direction now."

The meeting was attended by around 30 people and agreed to actions including setting up a twitter account: @SaveSydenhamPO and delivering more leaflets alerting Sydenham residents to the plans

Article submitted by Alan Hall