Chislehurst student Thomas Donovan was celebrated for his excellent academics during a special award ceremony at DLD College London.

Thomas, 18, was presented with an award for progression and achievement in business at the event held in the Westminster Bridge-based college’s atrium.

The Year 12 sociology, geography and business studies student received a round of applause from guests during the event as he stepped onto stage to collect his award.

Ahead of the examination period, the college held an event to reward select students from GCSE, Year 12 and Year 13, by presenting them with honorary awards to praise their excellent academic achievements this year.

Special guests, including Baroness Perry of Southwark and Richard Jones, director of property at the Alpha Plus Group, joined staff, students, parents and guardians as they enjoyed special musical renditions from the DLD Band, the Ukulele Group and a variety of singers and musicians.

During the ceremony, deputy principal for academics, Marie-Dominique Reza, said: “We must recognise the effort, progress and achievement of our students. It isn’t just about what they have learned in terms of their subjects but also in themselves.

"Some have become more confident, independent, and resilient and they are now ready to go to university.

“Thomas is an excellent student who deserved recognition for all of his hard work this year.”

Lady Perry also commented: “Congratulations to the students who chose to come to DLD College London, it is the best place in London that they could have chosen.

"I say that because DLD College London is dedicated to excellence and getting the best performance that every student who comes through the door is capable of achieving.”

As part of the Alpha Plus Group, DLD College aims to maintain a 'gold standard' of educational quality. Classes are small, enabling students and teachers to focus upon the most effective ways of learning.

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Article submitted by Kirsty-ann Hewson