Children at a Lewisham primary school raised more than £100 in 20 minutes for homeless charity the 999 Club by organising their own Bring and Buy sale.

The sale was run by the School Council at Ashmead Primary in Deptford who are taking part in the Speaker's School Council Awards - a national competition for school councils to show how they can make a difference to their communities.

The Ashmead pupils chose to help the local 999 club and invited Elisa Smith rom the charity to explain their work to the rest of the school.

They designed their own posters, priced the items and ran the stalls.

The sale made £128.21 - by 3.50pm!

Ashmead headteacher Sean O'Flynn said: "Our school council were keen to lead the school in connecting with a charity so we could help others.

"They wanted to develop a strong relationship with the charity and thought this? would be more straightforward with a local charity.

"The issue of homelessness appealed as children naturally feel empathy for someone going through this. I'm really proud of the way they've led the school throughout this project."

Year 3 pupil and school council member, Bess Clements, said: "We really wanted to help people who don't have homes like we do and we thought a sale would be the best way of raising the most money. I really enjoyed working with my friends to make this happen."

Article submitted by Ginny Sandringham