Bhangra inspired fitness class, BhangraBlaze, visited the Bexleyheath Academy on 14th March for a one off fitness session with founder of this new fitness trend, Kirit Thakore leading the session. Kirit ran the class with local BhangraBlaze teacher Rupi Rai.

BhangraBlaze has taken simple but powerful moves from Bhangra and created an amazing calorie blazing fitness workout. Since it’s official start in August 2015 it has gained a lot of attention and popularity. It already has a regular feature on BIG CENTRE TV, featured on the Star Plus channel and has been performed by Kirit and his team on some of the biggest stages in the UK.

Having been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, Kirit Thakore has vast knowledge and experience in delivering fitness classes including, martial arts, the insanity workout, boxing, circuits, weights and variations of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Kirit was introduced to Bhangra through a video which was posted on his Facebook wall in 2014 and quickly saw the potential. Kirit searched on YouTube for basic easy to learn bhangra moves, knowing that if he could easily do the moves then so could his fitness clients and by January 2015 he had the finished routine.

BhangraBlaze is now taught by more than 25 instructors across the UK.

Submitted by Callum Gable