Bromley author Edwin Lampert presents a £250 cheque to The Big Hearts Foundation a charity that saves and rehabilitates bears in Russia's Far East. The £250 came from books sales of his children's book The Adventures of Brunhilfer and Brunfin: The Flood!

When presenting the cheque he honoured a promise to 10 year old Sofiya Yates Rahman of Lewisham. Sofia drew a beautiful picture of a bear and asked Edwin to take it to the presentation. The picture is being held by Lauren Haigh who works for Elbi an online app that has supported Edwin more widely in his fundraising efforts. Also pictured are Anna Kogan Nasser and Nelly Mihill of Big Hearts Foundation.

All of the proceeds from sales of Edwin's book go to The Brun Bear Foundation, a charity he set up in memory of his late father. The charity distributes these proceeds to a mix of medical, community and animal welfare projects, with special emphasis on bears.

Based on information supplied by Edwin Lampert.