MORRIS men braved torrential rain to see in the summer with traditional May Day festivities.

The Ravensbourne Morris Men were at Caesar’s Well in Keston at 5.32am to dance at sunrise on May Day.

Despite the rain, around 20 dedicated Morris men turned out for the annual celebration.

After the dance at dawn they went to Keston village to eat fertility cake, a fruit cake believed to boost fertility, and danced again at the village Rectory in Commonside.

Morris dancer David Hicks said: “It was torrential rain but we danced at sunrise. Everyone always turns out for May Day. It’s the first day of summer, it goes back eons.

“Every culture has tribal dances and it's the same in England. It’s nice to be part of that. We’re living in a bit of a cultural vacuum, it’s the last of the genuine English traditions.”

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