A MUM-OF-TWO fears for the community’s safety after a fox attacked her at the family home in Catford.

Dawn Elimlahi, 49, said the fox bit her hand outside her front door in Bourneside Gardens, Flower House Estate, on the evening of December 8.

Mrs Elimlahi, who is now taking antibiotics for her injury, believes the fox may have bitten another woman in the same area.

She told News Shopper: "A dirty and bedraggled fox had been hanging around for a few days.

“I went outside the front door to get my cat to come inside and I tried to shush away the fox. My daughter was inside and heard a loud crunch. It was the fox biting my finger."

She added. "I was in shock and shaking from the attack. The fox wasn't scared at all, it was hanging around the area afterwards."

Mrs Elimlahi said she did not leave her house in fear of another attack and she believes the animal is still lurking nearby.

She said: "People are scared of it and are frightened to come out, it's a threat to people, especially children.”

Ms Elimlahi has reported the incident to the caretaker in her estate, but is angry that no one is dealing with the problem.

She said: "The police said they couldn't do anything, and the RSPCA said they couldn't either because the fox wasn't injured.

"It could go inside someone's house next time. The RSPCA said foxes don't normally bite, but what if it's got rabies?"